April 29, 2016

1st Segment: T-shirt debacle. Have Todd Huff Radio hats, polos & jacket. Promotion coming soon. John Boehner calls Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh." Satanists offended. Who is Lucifer & what exactly does that mean? Ridiculous analogy. Boehner is all that's wrong with GOP. Conservatives were shut out of the legislative process under his leadership. Boehner didn't have any issues trying to cozy up to the Left. 

2nd Segment: Lincoln Day Dinner in my County. I don't endorse in the Primary, but I'd never vote for Greg Zoeller. More about Cruz & Boehner. Trump criticized for saying Hillary would only get 5% of the vote if she was a man. Media & Left acting like Hillary's campaign never even mentions she's a woman. Entire campaign predicated on capitalizing on her gender. "I'm with Her." A Hillary Public Service Announcement.

3rd Segment: Reaching out to Bernie supporters. Tell us why you like Bernie - and we may play your clip on our show. Trump trying to win over Bernie supporters. Both sides are angry about some of the same things. Why not try to convert them? Dust will settle after conventions & a new campaign will begin. You're light years ahead by listening to this show! 

Final Segment: Thank you Lucas for helping get a draft of our radio demo done this weekend. Colts draft Ryan Kelly of Alabama Crimson Tide last night. Turns out smoking from a bong affects your draft position.