April 5, 2016

1st Segment: Great NCAA championship game between North Carolina & Villanova. I hope the GOP took notes on being competitive - against Democrats. Follow us on Snapchat. Wisconsin primary today. Current state of GOP nomination. Most polls show Cruz leading GOP field and The Nutty Professor leading the possible criminal. Hillary holds huge lead & dominates among Kingmakers Superdelegates. Saddam Hussein numbers. Bernie Sanders & John Kasich. Will there be a brokered or contested convention? Niger Innis interview yesterday. 

2nd Segment: Follow us on Spreaker, let me know you followed us & I will send you a 100% free t-shirt. Iran claims US is violating nuclear agreement & warns US not to cross red lines. The jihadists fighting the US believe they are fighting a holy war. In fact, jihad literally means "holy war." Thank you, Jihadi Joe Donnelly. 

3rd Segment: Conservative, not bitter. Hillary Clinton PSA. Hillary cannot win no matter what she says. Planned Parenthood upset at Hillary's comments about "unborn child" versus "fetus." Pro-Life v Abortion. Beginning of life. Who is anti-science? 

Final Segment: I miss Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley. Follow us on Spreaker to get a free tee.