April 6, 2016

1st Segment: Cruz & Sanders win in Wisconsin. Sanders has a very, very slim chance of winning. Lopsided Superdelegate Kingmaker vote in Democrat Party. Nomination is all about delegates. Kasich still running 4th out of 3 candidates. Karl Rove & his argument: more people voted against Trump than for him. Lots of problems with this argument. There is not a candidate who is "Not Trump" on the ballot. We must choose a candidate to vote for & not just against. It's clear the GOP electorate wants either Trump or Cruz. One of them need to be our nominee. 

2nd Segment: More problems with Rove's argument. If in NCAA championship game Villanova only shot 45% but still won, would Rove focus on the 55% of the shots they missed? We must vote for someone: "Anyone But Trump" isn't an actual candidate. Besides, this is insulting to Ted Cruz voters, which is largely made of up those specifically for their candidate of choice - not just against Trump. Convention rules. How it could play out. Trusting the GOP Establishment? 

3rd Segment: What's best for GOP is that they ask Governor Kasich to get out of the race - and to nominate either Trump or Cruz at the Convention. American people have spoken: most want either Trump or Cruz. #NeverPaulRyan. Problems with politicians & current political status quo. Founders & lifetime politicians/political corruption/cronyism. GOP has disappointed us before. Condescension & arrogant of GOP Establishment. We need to be prepared for what may be coming next from GOP & Convention. 

Final Segment: Got on my soapbox today with Karl Rove comments. Great win for Cruz last night. Where does nomination go from here? J-Dot to drop a new 3-in-3. Follow us on Spreaker, let me know & I'll send you free t-shirt