April 7, 2016

1st Segment: Thank you for following us on Spreaker. This is very helpful. If you follow us and let me know, I'll send you a free tshirt. Who convinced Bernie Sanders he can win the nomination? Atheist haters on Twitter (click that link with caution as they are vulgar). Political parties & political problems. Money in politics. Anger on all political sides. Constitutional Conservatism vs Socialism. American system is not broken; the growth of government, corruption and our feckless leaders are the problem. Accountability. Bernie is right about something. How can Bernie supporters vote for Hillary? Give us 2 weeks Liberals. 

2nd Segment: Kasich is still running 4th out of 3 candidates. Superdelegate Kingmakers. Democrat nomination update. Hillary only needs 615 delegates; Bernie needs more than 1,200. We're in the 4th Quarter of the Primary. Help me get on iHeart Radio. Is Hillary Fatigue Syndrome covered by Obamacare? 

3rd Segment: Liberals welcome: give us 2 weeks for The Antidote to Liberalism to kick in. Conservative, not bitter. America is greatest nation on earth. Cost of taxes. America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. But fixing our tax problem would improve revenues. Helping those in need is best done through private sector. 

Final Segment: The Petite Patriot returns with a new blog post today. Our Daily Dose blog is on temporary hold. Follow us on Spreaker, let me know & I'll send you a free t-shirt.