May 10, 2016

1st Segment: Still working through a few technical issues with Spreaker recording console. Flare up of Hillary Fatigue Syndrome (HFS). State Department lost emails. Body language experts say Guccifer is telling truth. Hillary limits access at event. Best strategy: keep her hidden. GOP contenders needed contested convention; Bernie needs Hillary indictment. Superdelegate Kingmakers. Question for Bernie supporters. Want to be on our show? Respond to our questions on Anchor. American Constitutional Republic vs Bernie's Socialism.  

2nd Segment: More complaining about the technical issues. Need to get J-Dot back on for a 3-in-3. HFS on high alert. Hillary is the corrupt politician, not Donald Trump. Hillary & playing the gender card in her campaign. But I'm confused because I didn't think gender was an objective thing. Logic of the Left is poisonous. 

3rd Segment: Music tech issue fixed. Commercial breaks are still cutting out for a few seconds. Should I go live on Spreaker? Responses from Bernie Sanders supporters. Campaign finance. Logic & Bernie Sanders?  

Final Segment: Captain America is too manly? Facebook suppressed Conservative news