May 11, 2016

1st Segment: Email from a liberal listener in Seattle. Day 2 of P90X3 yesterday. Thank you Lucas for completing our radio demo. Review of yesterday's audio clips of Bernie Sanders supporter; more to share today. Bernie wins West Virginia, but Hillary will be the nominee - barring something off-the-wall. What will you do, Bernie & Cruz supporters, in a Trump v Clinton general election? Campaign finance reform & free speech. Paying for a political favor vs paying to get your message out. Compelling state reason for limiting speech. Bernie has taken money from PACs, which differ from Super PACs

2nd Segment: Ted Cruz was open to re-entering race if he did well in Nebraska. He didn't. It will be Trump v Hillary, barring something unpredictable. Hillary very close to 2,382 delegates needed, but Bernie won West Virginia. Cruz supporters may still need time to process reality of Trump v Clinton, but Cruz cannot win. Tell me what you'll do now that Cruz is out. As one who has always vowed to support GOP nominee, I support Donald Trump. Twitter follower put my profile picture in a Make America Great Again hat. 

3rd Segment: Still having technical issue with Spreaker console. Radio demo - I welcome your feedback. Thank you Lucas for putting this together! More on Trump v Hillary race. Why do some say Trump has no chance? Hillary's numbers always drop over the course of a campaign - and Trump's have risen. In fact, it's a virtual tie in PA, OH & FL according to recent polls. Trump can win - and possibly big. 

Final Segment: Another Bernie supporter explains why he "feels the Bern." Didn't have time to get to the article about what makes goldfish feel sexy...