May 12, 2016

1st Segment: Lots to discuss today. Iran. Mitt Romney's comments on Trump's taxes. Donald Trump & Paul Ryan to meet today. Snapchat fail. Endorse v support. I endorse & support Trump as nominee. I understand of Cruz supporters. Trump & unifying GOP. Ryan & Establishment need to move toward Trump. Some Bernie supporters to move to Trump as a "change agent?"

 2nd Segment: Special offer on Todd Huff Radio apparel extended through May 31. Iran Update: "drown" US warships in Persian Gulf. Ben Rhodes says Obama Administration misled Americans about Iran negotiations. Litany of problems with Iran. Nuclear energy is the goal in Iran? America is the absolute evil? Backlash v Frontlash. American weakness is provocative. 

3rd Segment: Would you like listening to our show live on Spreaker? Vote here. What would you think if I no longer posted show notes? Sparks fly at conception. My conservatism & Christianity. More feedback from Bernie Sanders supporters. I really appreciate the feedback I've gotten. Bernie's honesty. Ideas matter, too. "Crooked Hillary." 

Final Segment: MIT, Islamophobia & Global Warming - and Conservatives are anti-science? Washington Post assigns 20 to dig up dirt on Trump. Texas moves to secession. FBI feeling pressure over Hillary investigation.