May 13, 2016

1st Segment: Scientists are in 100% agreement regarding how to identify gender. The left is anti-science, not conservatives. Beginning of life. Gender & bathrooms. Obama threatens schools over bathroom policies. Transgenderism is not normal. Why is this a federal issue? Anti-constitutional presidential actions. Harvard professor wants to punish Christian conservatives, aka the "losers." Liberty. Freedom of conscience. Freedom of religion. My beliefs. Conservative, not bitter. New 3-in-3 today. Listen responsibly. We are born with rights as the gift of God. Did Obama not get the birds & bees talk?

2nd Segment: What on earth are we going to be talking about culturally in 2 years, if we elect Hillary Clinton? Paul Ryan & Donald Trump met yesterday. Is Trump the same as Hillary? There are only 2 possible presidential winners: Trump & Hillary. Let's pick the one who is more closely aligned to conservatism. This isn't a tough decision. Family Research Council fighting bathroom laws. More on Harvard professor & us "loser Christian conservatives." 

3rd Segment: It appears that the Spreaker technical problems have been resolved. Time to have a little fun & relax as we move into the weekend. J-Dot drops a new 3-in-3. History of 3-in-3. J-Dot raw. Unedited. 

Final Segment: Wrapping up for the week: 200th episode coming soon. Spurs lost to OKC Thunder. Looking forward to Warriors & Thunder in Western Conference Finals.