May 16, 2016

1st Segment: Trip to Brown County over weekend. Spray painted signs. NBA Conference Finals now set. Al-Qaeda encourages assassinations of entrepreneurs & business leaders in America. War on Terror is religious for jihadis. Al Qaeda targets the "one percenters." Jihadists believe a global caliphate is promised in the Quran & that they are instruments for fulfilling that promises. And we are debating gender & bathroom preferences in America. What compromise looks like to jihadists. Our options are limited: fight back or submit. 

2nd Segment: Venezuela meltdown. Socialism in all of it's glory. Blaming free markets, the United States, El Nino & global warming. Human nature & the way the world works runs contrary to socialism. We don't have a right to something that someone else provides. Spreaker console working now - and we are considering the possibility of going live. One of the lessons of the 20th Century is that Communism & Socialism fails. 

3rd Segment: Anti-Trump Republicans led by Mitt Romney & Bill Kristol are looking for 3rd Party candidates to run in 2016. Candidates include John Kasich, Ben Sasse & Mark Cuban. Kasich may take them up on the offer. Democrat Primary continues. Race will be between Hillary & Trump. A GOP 3rd Party candidate will ensure a Clinton victory. Illogical actions being taken by some anti-Trump forces. Trump & his policies. Ramifications of a Hillary Clinton presidency. 

Final Segment: Approaching radio stations about carrying our show. Still waiting on approval from iHeart Radio.