May 17, 2016

1st Segment: John Kasich isn't going to run 3rd Party for the #NeverTrump crowd. Very sad for our listeners. Donald Trump will be GOP nominee, and we endorse him as President. Australian Olympians will be given Zika-proof condoms. Supreme Court decision regarding free birth control. Obama 'properly accommodating' religious institutions? Liberty, the Constitution & Big Government. Iran update. Jihadi Joe. Keep missile tests out of press

2nd Segment: Got a few books on Audible last night. You can get a free book and a 30-day free trial here. More on Iran. White House says Ben Rhodes not testifying. Who to believe: Ayatollahs or Obama Administration? Americans would be appalled if they knew what happened to US Sailors in Iran. Iran & the Holocaust. The Islamic Republic of Iran is ideologically the antithesis of America. 

3rd Segment: Conservative, not bitter. Hillary Fatigue Syndrome (HFS) flare ups: check with family doctor if you exhibit symptoms. Wild & unpredictable campaign in 2016. Openly gay pastor accused Whole Foods baker of writing homophobic slur on his cake - but it turns out he lied. No ramifications encourages others to follow suit. 

Final Segment: Oklahoma City Thunder defeat Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of Western Conference Finals. Working to get our show on radio - will keep you up-to-date.