May 18, 2016

1st Segment: Hillary is limping across the finish line. She received 250k fewer votes in Kentucky than in 2008. Ugly Democrat Convention? Hillary will be Democrat nominee; only needs 91 delegates & is 96% of the way to goal. HFS flare-up warning. Current status of Democrat Primary. Superdelegate Kingmaker count. Bernie's fantasy of a contested convention. Wildcard is Hillary indictment. I self-identify as a Bernie Supporter for this segment. C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters. Freedom v Socialism. Sympathizing with Bernie supporters because the Democrat Primary is fixed because of Superdelegate Kingmakers. 

2nd Segment: Why did Hillary & Bernie only account for 93% of the votes in Kentucky. Sample Kentucky ballot. More on Hillary's deplorable performance in Kentucky vs 2008. The current political disaster is in Democrat Party, not the GOP. A quick snapshot of the debacle that is the Democrat Party. GOP appears to be uniting. Trump & RNC agree on joint fundraising events. Paul Ryan says Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. 

3rd Segment: This week is the 30th Anniversary of Top Gun. Share your favorite Top Gun movie lines on Anchor and maybe you'll hear it on the show! British RAF scramble jets to protect against more Russian aggression. Venezuela accuses US of violating it's airspace. American weakness is provocative. Socialism fails & crumbles from within. Free markets v Socialism. 

Final Segment: TSA problem is caused by mismanagement of resources. Shocking. Refugees with Tuberculosis. I'm approaching radio stations with my show. Status with iHeart Radio.