May 19, 2016

1st Segment: Trump leads Hillary in hypothetical (or inevitable) matchup in general election. Hillary is an awful candidate on every level. Hillary spars with heckler in Kentucky. The Golden Rule. Who has more gold: Clinton or Bernie? Trump absolutely can win. Democrat Party is in shambles. Nevada Convention mess. Flirting with HFS flare-up. Republican candidates never lead this early. Campaign hasn't even really started yet. 

2nd Segment: Golden State Warriors even series with Oklahoma City Thunder. A little complaining about late tip times for Eastern time zone. Stephen Curry. EgyptAir flight disappears from radar. Developing story, but definitely has fingerprints of possible terrorism. This crash reminds us of problems America has with TSA. 

3rd Segment: Hillary PSA. Clinton campaign strategy has always been to make GOP nominee be an anti-woman candidate, regardless of who the candidate would be. Bernie is a true believer; Hillary is an opportunist who is power hungry. New York Times story is unraveling. Mitt Romney appears to have given up on finding another #NeverTrump 3rd Party candidate

Final Segment: Has #NeverTrump 3rd Party crowd given up? Another idea that's been bantered around. Getting to 270 electoral votes. Strategy to try to get House of Representatives elect President? None of these #NeverTrump efforts have worked.