May 20, 2016

1st Segment: Today is our 10th wedding Anniversary. I am taking next week off and will not be releasing new episodes next week. Returning after Memorial Day (May 30). Trying to get on radio. Technical problem with domains & capitalization. Gratitude for the kind words from you, our listeners. Testimonial page posting soon. Zig Ziglar & the importance of gratitude. Going live on Spreaker? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & EgyptAir Flight 804. What will Cruz & Bernie supporters do in the Trump v Hillary 2016 election? 

2nd Segment: Trump's comments about EgyptAir, terrorism & the criticism that have come from that. Did Trump jump the gun? Hillary takes weeks to acknowledge terrorism. What we don't see in Trump's response. What if it turns out to be terrorism? Hillary acknowledges possibility of terrorism too. Why would speaking truth about Islamic extremism anger moderate Muslims? Who's really dangerous? Being right too early? Aircraft debris found? Give up or fight back? 

3rd Segment: Reminder - NO NEW EPISODES NEXT WEEK. I will be returning with new Episodes on May 30. House of Representatives. No time to discuss this. Sharing comments from Bernie & Cruz supporters. We don't have the right to refuse to live with consequences of the election. Trump will divide the GOP? I thought it already was. Follow us on Anchor for your chance to be heard on the show. Fears about Donald Trump. China. A special thanks to everyone who responded on Anchor.