May 3, 2016

1st Segment: It's May & it's time for a race in Indiana - but this time it's political. Conservative, not bitter t-shirts now available. Taking preorders. Special guest in studio today: Mike Manakin. Trump appears to be pulling away in polls. Cruz loss in Indiana would be devastating. My perspective on the race & a little about Indiana politics, including a few local races. Senate race between Todd Young & Marlin Stutzman. Still no endorsements here. Outcome of today's race could have very large consequences.

2nd Segment: Democrat Primary in Indiana. Doesn't really matter because Hillary will be the nominee barring something extremely dramatic, such as an indictment. Can Bernie sneak out a win again like Michigan. Hillary campaign downplaying expectations. Cruz has better chance than Bernie. T-shirt special between now & May 13: save $3 and get free shipping (continental US). Hillary supporters: want a 3rd Term of Obama? North Korea. And Iran. And Russia. Conservative, not bitter talk radio in action.

3rd Segment: Clarifying t-shirt special: free shipping available to continental US residents only. A response to questions from a Hillary supporter. Thank you Sean. You seem to be a genuine guy, and I very much appreciate the questions. God bless. 

Final Segment: We will discuss Indiana results tomorrow. Have a great day!