May 5, 2016

1st Segment: Cinco de Mayo. Kaisch drops out of race. Guccifer claims to have hacked Hillary's private email server. Shocking, I know. Forced to testify? Trump supporters: no gloating. Cruz supporters: be open to idea of supporting Trump. Long process & it is Trump's job to unite GOP. But Republicans also need to be reasonable. Not voting at all vs voting for Hillary. What are Trump's major positions? You may agree more than you think. 

2nd Segment: Todd Huff Radio apparel on sale through May 13. Love to see you in our new gear! Guccifer vs Hillary: who do you believe. Clinton campaign machine is perhaps the most ruthless & corrupt in all of politics. Hillary & technology. Professional hackers. Up to 10 more visitors?

3rd Segment: Iran update. Jihadi Joe. Islamic Republic of Iran is a terrorist state that supports jihad. Giving them a path to nuclear weapons is insane. American Weakness is provocative, not American strength. Acts of provocation. Threats against America. Israel. Europe. Threats about the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz

Final Segment: A tale of 2 primaries: Trump pulls away and Hillary limps across the finish line.