June 13, 2016

1st Segment: Terrorist attack on gay night club in Orlando. Act of war, not a random shooting. War on America, not just gay community. Christianity & homosexuality don't agree in philosophy, but you Christians believe in converting by the love of Christ, not annihilating those who live a lifestyle contrary to their faith. All Americans need to unite against terror. 

2nd Segment: What makes the jihadists so prepared to kill? Trained soldiers in the US military haven't always been able to kill. Why can the terrorists? Dehumanizing the enemy. Making it a religious cause. 

3rd Segment: The enemy (Islamic Jihadists) have declared war on us, but we refuse to declare war on them. We need to stop worrying about anti-Islamic backlash & start focusing on Islamic Jihadist frontlash. John Bolton

Final Segment: Contrasting Jesus, His teachings & His methods with those of the radical Islamofascist terrorists.