June 14, 2016

1st Segment: Bernie supporters aren't going to like this: up to 20% of Hillary's campaign may be funded by the Saudi government. Hillary is the corrupt villain, not Trump. What will Bernie supporters do in November?

2nd Segment: Email I received from Organizing for America - Obama's propaganda arm. Making the Orlando terrorist attack about gun control. The war is against all Americans, not just LGBT(TQQIAAP) community. Yep - that's the latest acronym. 

3rd Segment: Todd Starnes article. Hard-core Islamic extremists/jihadists want to kill or forcibly convert anyone - gay, straight, Christian, Jew, moderate Muslim, atheist, etc - who doesn't adhere to Sharia Law. Worldwide caliphate. Those engaged in terrorism treat this war as religious. We should take them at their word.

Final Segment: Serious problems exist - and we need someone prepared to confront them. And that person is not - in any sane universe - Hillary Clinton.