June 15, 2016

1st Segment: Should we go live on Spreaker? Take our 5 question survey. There have been 86 instances of Islamic Terrorism in US since 9/11. We don't have a problem with Islamic jihad? A professor wants to outlaw & repeal the Second Amendment. America is the example for the world, not the problem. Individual people are the problem, not our system of limited government & freedom. America single-handedly ushered in the prosperity we experience in the world today. 

2nd Segment: Trump is getting under Obama's skin. Why does Obama get angrier at Trump than the terrorists? Obama protests against painting Muslims with a broad brush, but he intentionally paints GOP with one. The AR-15 and gun manufacturer's are not to blame for Orlando: an evil ideology is. We face an evil enemy hell-bent on killing as many Americans as possible. 

3rd Segment: Obama still hasn't called Florida Gov Rick Scott. Imagine how quickly he'd call if Gov Scott had sex reassignment surgery. Sun Tzu on knowing & identifying your enemy. We must defeat and destroy the radical Islamic terrorist jihadists. 

Final Segment: Obama's girls "think it's weird" America hasn't had female president. But if Bill Clinton can be our first black president, why can't Barack Obama be our first female president? Iran continues to lecture the US. The Clinton Foundation's problems with foreign donations. University of Wisconsin students to get "cultural competency training". Socialist utopia Venezuela now has citizens bartering for necessities on their smart phones