June 16, 2016

1st Segment: Take our very short 5-question survey to help us determine our next steps about potentially going live on Spreaker. Obama's "cerebral response" to terrorism. Now we're talking about gun control instead of terrorism. Islam v Christianity. Where is the Church? We're fighting terrorism, not the NRA

2nd Segment: Flight recorder found. Do we ever get to bottom of anything - such as Ukraine plane shot down? Trump in Dallas today - marking 1 year anniversary of his campaign. More on discourse about terrorism, gun control & Orlando. 

3rd Segment: Why we argue about semantics & can't properly identify the enemy. This is prerequisite for developing a strategy to defeat the enemy. CIA Director John Brennan's testimony. Other attacks promised. San Diego Craigslist ad. Killer on Facebook

Final Segment: We must stop teaching our kids to hate America. (I strongly encourage you to read this article.) Some individual Americans may be bad, but America is incredibly good.