June 17, 2016

1st Segment: We are now playing on iHeart Radio. Welcome to new listeners. A summary of our show. We have listeners from all backgrounds & political beliefs. Many folks want to remove corruption from DC - and there is no way on earth they can support Hillary. J-Dot returns to drop a 3-in-3 a little later. 

2nd Segment: Orlando terrorist was reported to FBI 5 weeks before attack. Shooter texted wife and browsed social media during attack. What else could have been done to stop this - especially if we aren't going to consider religion or ideology? A few anecdotes about my time in DC as a political minority. 

3rd Segment: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). We need to untie our hands so that we can properly identify and fight the enemy. J-Dot's instant 3-in-3 classic, in the style of Too Short. Caller on Rush uses analogy of farmers to make a point, but it falls way short. 

Final Segment: Help us determine if we should broadcast live on Spreaker by taking our 5 question, super short survey. And if we decide to go live, you'll need to follow us on Spreaker - the only place the show will be live (for now).