June 20, 2016

1st Segment: Hope you had a happy Father's Day weekend. First day of summer today. Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship by beating the Golden State Warriors 3 consecutive games - 2 of which were played in Oakland. Email from Greg in Oregon. Article Greg references in his email. Is Trump least desirable GOP candidate in memory? 

2nd Segment: Greg from Oregon, email #2. Framing the big issues of terrorism, border security, national defense and spending. Radical political ideology (liberalism) & weak leadership in GOP has led to perfect storm. Orlando shooter was investigated/interviewed multiple times to no avail, but we're told the same government that couldn't stop him can successfully vet thousands of refugees. 

3rd Segment: Hillary & the Left refuse to acknowledge the role of radical Islam in terrorism. The inherent problem of refusing to acknowledge that relationship. A solid strategy requires a thorough understanding of the enemy, and refusing to acknowledge the key motivator (Islamic Jihad) in their attacks prevents implementation of an effective strategy. And, as such, they endanger the American people. 

Final Segment: Out of time to discuss US/Russian jets 'clashing over Syria' or Orlando 911 calls being edited to remove references to Islamic terrorism. When would you like to listen to our show live on Spreaker