June 21, 2016

1st Segment: Book about Hillary's contempt for Secret Service. Threw Bible at agent - which fortunately wasn't a Koran. Trump fires Lewandowski. Suddenly, money isn't a bad thing in politics as Hillary has more of it than Trump. Corporate training meets reality TV in China - as employees are spanked for poor performance. Orlando 911 calls edited & censored. EgyptAir Flight 804 black box found but may be damaged. 

2nd Segment: You really need to watch the video of the Chinese bank spanking employees. Why did Government edit/censor the Orlando terrorist 911 calls? Allah translates as Allah, not God. Christianity vs Islam. My experience with the Nation of Islam on 38th Street in Indianapolis. Self-censuring references to Islamic terrorism on the show. 

3rd Segment: Illegal alien from Canada tries to steal gun from cop & kill Donald Trump at Las Vegas rally. Perfect storm of liberalism that combines the issues of illegal immigration & gun violence - all without the shooter not possessing a gun. Should we outlaw cops' guns? Great picture from a gun owner on Twitter

Final Segment: Trump & Hillary polls tight in swing states. Let me know the best time for you to listen live on Spreaker.