June 23, 2016

st Segment: The 1960s called and want their protests back. Reminiscent of Obama telling Romney the 1980s called and want their foreign policy back. Russia Reset Button & Hillary Clinton. Democrat sit-in. How about trying to deal with the real issue of terrorism? Heck, how about just naming the enemy?: radical Islamic jihadist terrorism. The gun didn't shout Allahu Akbar; the shooter did. Conflating the issues. 

2nd Segment: Wrapping up our discussion about the Democrat sit-in over gun control. Americans are asleep at the wheel if they fall for this sophistry. This issue is about Islamic Jihad/Terrorism, not gun control. This protest looked like something high school students would organize. 

3rd Segment: Osama bin Laden's bodyguard released from Gitmo. Historians will certainly find the irony here: he's released the same day House Democrats blame a faux issue (gun control) instead of blaming the real culprit (Islamic terrorism). Brexit vote is today. Basically, if you're against a large, inept government, you're called stupid by the British elites. 

4th Segment: The impact of immigration (refugees) & welcoming in potential Islamic terrorists on Brexit. Why subject your national sovereignty to the dictates of the European Union? NBA Draft is tonight. Sports was an escape - until Obama started making cameos everywhere & sportscasters started considering themselves professional political commentators. 

Final Segment: GOP plan to repeal & replace Obamacare. Democrat Congressman found guilty of racketeering, but wants to enjoy the benefits of serving as a Congressman until October 3. Ryan says he should resign immediately. Being found guilty of a crime, it's been said, is a resume enhancement for Democrats. Maybe Hillary should pull for an indictment...