June 24, 2016

1st Segment: Great Britain votes to leave EU. Similarities between Brexit debate & US politics? Trump statement on Brexit vote. Sovereignty & Liberty are the desire of man. A few words to the #NeverTrump crowd. Choice between Trump & Hillary is incredibly clear for Conservatives. 

2nd Segment: Did Secret Service suffer from HFS? Agents turned to drinking, drugs & hookers. No word if that's the infamous "Hookers for Hillary." New book about Hillary written by Secret Service agent assigned to her. 

3rd Segment: Another email from Hillary has been discovered - and it was one that Hillary didn't release as it was "personal" in nature. Hiding communications. She has zero transparency & authenticity. 

4th Segment: Heritage Foundation article on Brexit & why Americans should celebrate. Obama threatened Great Britain if they voted to leave EU. Culture: Why not allow marriage between 6 people

Final Segment: Woman catches her kids stealing from neighbor, spanks them with a belt, is arrested & has children taken from her. I can't speak to the specifics of this case, but using a belt to spank your child does not mean you've abused your child. Parental rights are paramount.