June 27, 2016

1st Segment: Review of Brexit & where it stands now. Similarities between Big Government problems in EU & US. Bureaucracy. Immigration. Islamic Terrorism & Jihad. Government, by nature, grows. Our Founders limited government growth by creating Constitution, but we have to remain vigilant. Will Brexit ever trigger? Will Brexit vote be ignored? A do-over? A liberal big government will do anything to refuse accepting the will of the people. 

2nd Segment: Roofers show up during my broadcast? Slight flare-up of HFS over the weekend as Hillary visited Indiana to speak to American mayors group. Says "experienced leadership" is needed to navigate UK's decision to leave EU. Hillary also said Donald Trump is more concerned about how Brexit will affect his businesses more than how it will affect US. 

3rd Segment: Trump has suffered business difficulties because of his positions & comments. Who has profited & benefitted from political office? It sure hasn't been Donald Trump. Someone close to me mentioned a write-in vote for president. What is the end game here? A Hillary victory would be devastating, and we need perspective. 

4th Segment: A day of mourning for the GOP as George Will leaves the Party

Final Segment: Photo op for Hillary as she visits NYC Gay Pride Parade - for 4 blocks. ISIS threatens San Francisco. Pope questioned about Christians' responsibility for hatred leading up to Orlando terror attack. No word if any imams were asked similar questions. Obama considers the Islamic Republic of Germany our primary point-of-contact in EU after the UK's departure.