June 28, 2016

1st Segment: This is my second podcast of the day. First show was erased when we had a complete power outage - 1 minute before I was finished recording! Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion clinics. A discussion on abortion. God's forgiveness & grace for past sins. Repentance. How should we view abortion moving forward? Beginning of life, and our responsibility. Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness (or property). 

2nd Segment: More on abortion. The importance of defining the beginning of life scientifically. "My right to swing my arm ends where your note begins." An anecdote from my experience in DC. Anti-choice? Only if I can call you anti-life. 

3rd Segment: Democrats are serious about investigating companies who disagree with their view of climate change. What's next? Imprisonment? Reminds me of the 2012 Democrat Convention Party Platform vote that didn't go as planned. Democrats need everyone to toe the line -  and they're willing to punish those who dissent.

4th Segment: More about censoring speech and public opinion. Five year old special needs girl sexually assaulted in Idaho by 3 minors who are believed to be immigrants from Sudan & Iraq. The US Attorney threatens anyone who speaks inflammatory statements about this case. Russians are attempting to intimidate US diplomats in Europe. We should take care not to make blanket statements about Russians so as to enrage the entire nation...

Final Segment: Hypocrisy of the Left: Zuckerberg builds a wall at home but opposes one on Southern Border.