June 6, 2016

1st Segment: Anniversary of D-Day. Great American sacrifice to liberate Europe & end the evils of Nazism. Muhammad Ali. Bill Clinton to speak at funeral. Why not Hillary? State of Democrat Primary. Hillary should eclipse 2,382 after Puerto Rico results are tallied. And if she doesn't, she will definitely do so after tomorrow's races. Is this really that bad for Hillary? 

2nd Segment: Bernie is given a graceful exit from the campaign by the media. The media is now trying to convince us we haven't seen what we know we just saw. Explanations are being given for Hillary's problems. Hillary is the antithesis of what Bernie tells us we need in our political leaders. No way Bernie supporters can vote for her with a clear conscience. 

3rd Segment: Hillary should win enough delegates after Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands delegates are awarded. Bernie vows to continue campaign even after June 7 primaries. Goal is to persuade Superdelegate kingmakers to change support to him. Did he just understand the primary rules?

Final Segment: Bill Kristol loses yet another battle with Donald Trump as David French decides not to run. Article by New York times "experts" says Trump threatens First Amendment. Where have these guys been for the past 7-1/2 years?