June 7, 2016

1st Segment: Hillary secures enough delegates to win Democrat nomination. Bernie still refuses to accept this & stop his campaign. Bernie: $12/hour for interns. Possible indictment. Best way to get Hillary's emails is to be a hacker, not through FOIA. Stories of Trump & Hillary in news. Trump & judge in Trump University case. Racist? 

2nd Segment: Mother of child who fell into gorilla enclosure will not face charges. Harambe. Creation order from a biblical perspective. Decision to choose life of child over gorilla is easy, but killing the gorilla had to be very difficult. Bernie vows to stay in race through convention. 

3rd Segment: Ancient Christian cathedral museum used for Ramadan. San Jose riots and violence. Liberal, big government extremists are to blame. Not all liberals all violent rioters, but all violent rioters have been liberal. 

Final Segment: Rioters are left wing extremists, not Trump supporters. The Left will not cede one inch of ground without a fight - even if that means physical violence. Buckle up.