June 9, 2016

1st Segment: Meeting of the minds in Washington DC as Bernie Sanders meets with Barack Obama & Harry Reid. Mitch McConnell complains that conservatives and talk radio expect too much from Senate. Subscribe to Daily Signal for free - provide email at bottom of page. How candidates campaign is different from how they legislate. 

2nd Segment: Mitch McConnell's very uninspiring brand of leadership. It's this poor leadership - which can be described as weak, timid & feckless - that actually created a void that has been filled by Donald Trump. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for the Senator. 

3rd Segment: Wrapping up discussion on Mitch McConnell - who the Senate selected to lead, represent and speak for it. Obama is the only one who can sign a bill into law; Congress is the only group that can put that legislation on his desk. Pathetic. 

Final Segment: New York Times video supposedly showing Trump 'inciting violence.' Huffington Post thinks violence in response to Trump is a-ok. Our leaders have not fought back in any way for a long time, and there is nothing wrong with fighting back politically. There also isn't anything wrong when fighting back physically to defend yourself from harm - which countless San Jose videos demonstrate has happened.