July 11, 2016

1st Segment: Approaching our 1 year anniversary for the show (August 11). Religious liberty vs transgender laws put church & state on a collision course in Iowa - and maybe elsewhere. God & the Bible have things to teach us about who we are as human beings & as males/females. Creation story gives us a background on why created us male & female. Biblical view of marriage & having children. 

2nd Segment: The church's response to the erosion of religious liberties. The church (not any specific organization, but the entire Body of Christ collectively) has been complicit in the devolution of morality in America. We must speak the truth in love - and both truth & love are required for that equation. The church's refusal to be proactive on issues like gay marriage & gender identity will have very negative consequences on Christianity. A nation of repentant Christians would do more for race relations than any speech by Obama, Sharpton, Jackson or Deray McKesson. 

3rd Segment:  More discussion on police involved shootings & Black Lives Matter. My tweet of black men standing in front of officers as a line of defense. 

God's view of whose life matters: everyone's. Yes, black lives matter - but so do all lives. Equally. Black lives are no less or more important than any other life. I understand the argument, but it's gotten out-of-hand. Some nations have travel advisories for traveling to the United States

Final Segment: Iran update: ballistic missile tests. Jihadi Joe