July 13, 2016

1st Segment: Donald Trump was in Westfield, Indiana, yesterday. Media was hyper-ventilating, expecting him to name Mike Pence as his choice of VP. An overview of Pence. RFRA in Indiana. Indiana pizza shop ignites fury across country. Pence disappointed many Indiana Republicans & is in a fight to get re-elected as Governor. John Kasich, who finished 4th out of 2 candidates, is being lobbied to run...again. 

2nd Segment: More on Trump VP options. Newt Gingrich? General Michael Flynn? Conservatives may have a problem with Flynn because he is Pro-Choice. But could you see him debating Fauxcohantas on military strategy & the war on terror? The 1620's called & want their military strategy back. Obama to Romney: the 1980s called & want their foreign policy back. Russian reset button didn't work. 

3rd Segment: Guest hosts will be filling in the week of 7/25 as I will be out of town. Show is going live on Spreaker on August first. Follow us to listen live weekdays at 8am EDT. Will J-Dot be filling in as a guest host? ISIS claims it killed or wounded 5,200 people last month. And the Obama Administration tells us our biggest threat is climate change. Of course, in their polluted view, they blame the existence of ISIS on climate change. Purdue University student faces death threats for criticizing Black Lives Matters. And Black Lives Matter doesn't use terror as a tactic? Alton Sterling affidavit

Final Segment: Trump v Ginsburg. Whatever happened to being politically silent when sitting on the Court? Truth is, the Left may be more politically active on the Court anyway - so I guess this is simply indicative of the bigger problem.