July 14, 2016

1st Segment: Going live on Spreaker on 8/1 (8am EDT weekdays). Follow us on Spreaker to listen live! Guest hosts filling in 7/22-7/29, including J-Dot...which some of you apparently look forward to hearing! Next week is Republican National Convention. List of speakers. Article from about convention. Party must unite. Trump must win. Consequences of Hillary as POTUS. 

2nd Segment: Trump's VP candidate will be announced tomorrow at 11am EDT. Who do you think he'll pick? (Vote in our Twitter poll below.) Discussion on office of VP. How much will this matter in November? Sarah Palin brought more excitement in 2008 than did John McCain. Setting the table for next segment: listener asked me what I think about Donald Trump, as a conservative

3rd Segment: My comments about Donald Trump and what I think about him as a conservative. 

Final Segment: What is the end-game for the #NeverTrump movement? Our president will be either Trump or Hillary, and Hillary would be devastating for America.