July 15, 2016

1st Segment: Terror strikes in Nice, France. Over 80 killed and many others injured at the time I recorded this program. List of Islamic terror attacks in 2016. An explanation of how political power brokers see Americans: we're not stupid, we're cowards. We need real leadership to fight the war on Islamic terrorism, waged by religious jihadis. This is about religion to them, no matter how much some protest. Facebook post offensive? Hardly.

2nd Segment: The next president will either be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. There is no rewind button, pause button or magic do-over button, like a Russian Reset Button. The consequences of this decision are enormous. A Twitter dialog with someone who's #NeverTrump.  

3rd Segment: Big week for one of my companies next week. What are we teaching our children? Miss Alabama's remarks about Dallas shooter being a martyr. Franklin Graham's response to her. White Guilt 'slam' poem by 14-year-old white boy. This nonsensical way of thinking explains why we have so many difficulties solving problems in America. 

Final Segment: While it's Trump's job to earn the votes of Republicans & conservatives, it is time for us to start looking for ways to get behind him & win in 2016. The consequences are astronomically high.