July 18, 2016

1st Segment: More police officers murdered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Obama lectures us on rhetoric. Is he kidding me? Sheriff David Clarke interviewed by the arrogant "reporter" Don Lemon

2nd Segment: Is it possible that recent police-involved shootings were justifiable? The American way involves due process & a trial by a jury of our peers. These cases cannot be solved in 5 minutes - and even if they could - the punishment cannot be instantaneously applied. The extreme rhetoric is coming from the far left & the Black Lives Matter movement. The truth needs to get out and the false narratives need replaced by true journalism. I'm not going to hold my breath.

3rd Segment: A review of the Michael Brown case. When facts finally come out, we often get a very different picture. Does this mean no crime was committed? No, but it means we must allow due process and the legal system to do it's job. The "hands up, don't shoot" lie - and it's still used in chants at BLM protests. Systematic racism? I call on others to stand up for truth here - including the church. 

Final Segment: Institutional or systematic racism is gibberish. Right now, we are dealing with individual cases of police involved shootings and shootings of police. Let's try these cases on the evidence. If officers are guilty, they should face consequences. But truth is, most of these cases actually end in officers being exonerated.