July 19, 2016

1st Segment: I'm recording in Nashville, TN, today. Abbreviated show notes today - sorry! A business meeting that I hope to be able to tell you about one day. Melania Trump's speech was elegant, patriotic, genuine & flat-out impressive. Plagiarism? I can guaran-darn-tee that she didn't plagiarize Michelle Obama's love for America. 

2nd Segment: Convention was energizing. Got a stupid fundraising email from Hillary Clinton last night, criticizing the GOP more than she'd ever dream of criticizing Muslim extremism. The drumbeat of the media & the superficial left. Think for yourself instead of being led astray by silly talking points. 

3rd Segment: There was also some conflict at the Republican Convention regarding the rules. The #NeverTrump crowd claims they were silenced. If this is true, it's bad. Let the process play itself out, whatever that may mean. 

Final Segment: Julian Castro shows us he has what it takes to earn a spot on the Hillary Clinton ticket.