July 20, 2016

1st Segment: Day 2 in Nashville, TN. GOP now has an official presidential nominee. Party needs to unify, but that's up to Trump. Cruz to speak tonight. So far, protest have been much less than predicted. The Petite Patriot has posted a new blog outlining her experience as Pennsylvania alternate delegate to Convention. 

2nd Segment: J-Dot to fill in when I'm out of town on vacation. Also have a list of other guest hosts. Ben Carson takes heat for "tying" Hillary to Satan through Saul Alinsky. What about the outrage of a candidate admiring a book like this, written with sincere thanks to Satan. Time for a female president? I'm with Her vs Make America Great Again: which is most inspiring? 

3rd Segment: It's time for the party to unite. I'm not telling you to get in line, I'm only saying to be open to being persuaded. We have only 2 potential presidents running now: Trump or Hillary. And Trump is dramatically better than Hillary. He's right on many issues, too. He's not perfect, but the future direction of America will be shaped by this election. If you're not onboard with Trump, I respect that. But the consequences of this election are enormous. Just be open to being persuaded by Trump & all the others speaking on his behalf to earn your vote. 

Final Segment: