July 21, 2016

1st Segment: Back home again in Indiana. As I was consuming news yesterday, I came across this article and, lo & behold, it featured our friend The Petite Patriot! Literally LOL'd over this! See Elizabeth's most recent blog post. Ted Cruz's speech at GOP Convention last night. Twitter poll below. His speech was good & hit important highlights on Liberty and the fight we're in for America. His words seemed to indicate we should vote for Trump, but he fell short of an endorsement. I think this was a mistake, even though everything we read before the speech suggested he wouldn't endorse Trump. 

2nd Segment: A summary of Cruz's speech. Areas of apparent agreement between him & Trump: border security, fighting Islamic terrorism & nominating Supreme Court Justices. He gave us reasons to vote for Trump in these fundamental areas, but fell short of endorsing him. Why? My thoughts on what he could have said that would have been better. I like Cruz & have said very good things about him, but this strikes me as petty. And one could make the case that Donald Trump looks like the bigger guy in this instance. 

3rd Segment: Will have guest hosts next week. I'll be returning on August 1. We will be broadcasting live on Spreaker starting August 1 at 8am Eastern. Follow us on Spreaker to listen weekdays live! More thoughts on Cruz speech. What's the end game?