July 5, 2016

1st Segment: Hope you had a Happy Independence Day weekend. A few of our traditions. The Declaration of Independence. The personal cost our Founders paid for Independence. Why is America great? The danger of changing those things that made America great, namely Liberty, Capitalism & a system of government best aligned with human nature. 

2nd Segment: Moving quickly toward the heart of the campaign. Conventions coming soon. VP candidates. Breaking news: James Comey scheduled to speak at 11am - after this show wraps up. Hillary was "eager" to speak with FBI about the "review." 

rd Segment: Odds of Hillary getting indicted are super tiny. Even if Comey recommends Hillary be indicted to the Department of Justice, who really believes this is going to happen? Obama has endorsed Hillary. Bernie has said he will vote for Hillary. Democrats are circling the wagons around her, and they just don't lose fights like this. 

4th Segment: Washington DC to become 51st (or 58th) state. Founders didn't intend seat of Federal Govt to be a state. 

Final Segment: I wish I could talk about James Comey's press conference, but he's taking the podium literally as I'm wrapping up the show. More on this tomorrow. But again, regardless of what he says, don't expect this ending with indictment for Hillary Clinton.