July 6, 2016

1st Segment: FBI Director James Comey recommends no charges against Hillary Clinton. Gross negligence vs extreme carelessness. Aren't they the same thing? Rudy Giuliani on MSNBC. Andrew McCarthy's synopsis. Transcript of Comey Press Conference. Logic & law faced a major defeat yesterday. But we all knew that there would not be an indictment - especially at this stage. CNN preferred to talk about a Donald Trump tweet instead of Hillary's mess. 

2nd Segment: More on the nonsense & the mess we're in - where logic, reason & the law are being obliterated by political correctness. Iowa churches may have to comply with transgender bathroom laws. 

3rd Segment: The church & conservatives have chosen to be impotent because we've been afraid of political correctness. We need to continue exposing Crooked Hillary & reminding people of her corruption, which is unrivaled. Trump says that if Hillary isn't dishonest (which we know she is), she's incompetent. If you don't want a dishonest or incompetent president, you can't vote for Hillary. 

4th Segment: This election is not over - and Trump absolutely can win. We are never out of the fight. In fact, Republicans have data to support an optimistic outlook. Why do some Republicans and even Conservatives throw in the towel before they even enter the ring?

Final Segment: If it wasn't already abundantly clear already, yesterday illustrated that we must unite behind Trump and regain control of our government.