July 7, 2016

1st Segment: UFC suspends Jon Jones from UFC 200 for violating drug policy (again). Parody email I received where James Comey helps the UFC navigate this problem. Paul Ryan formally requests Hillary Clinton be denied access to classified information after she's formally nominated as Democrat presidential candidate. 

2nd Segment: Lawyers will now be using the "Clinton Defense" when defending clients charged with mishandling national security intelligence & information. The stupidity of Democrat policies and actions (like the excuse for Hillary) trickles down in a very negative way. Reminds me of a lemonade stand story

3rd Segment: What are Bernie supporters going to do? And where does Bernie stand? Will Bernie 'probably' vote for Hillary or will he continue withholding his endorsement? Hillary is the antithesis of what Bernie fans desire, and she epitomizes corruption. Meanwhile, we have a group of Republican women organizing for Hillary

4th Segment: James Comey to testify before Congress today. Don't get your hopes up that something will happen from this. But also don't give up on the fight to make America great again. We're still in this fight. But even if we win, the real fight for change is just beginning. Get ready. 

Final Segment: I'm skeptical of the outrage in Congress over Hillary's emails & Comey's recommendation. There is one way to stop Hillary: support Donald Trump. Nothing is coming from congressional actions. Collectively, they don't have the strength of character required to see this through.