July 8, 2016

1st Segment: Tragic events in Dallas last night. It is being reported that 4 individuals have shot 11 police officers, killing 5. An update of what we know now. The value of all human life. Any loss of life is always tragic. Pro-life. Equal value of all human life, regardless of the body that holds that life, from conception to the natural end of life. We are the reflection of God.

2nd Segment: A review of the police-involved shooting in Minnesota. Was the Dallas shooting of police was intended to be retaliation? Protest was otherwise peaceful and completely legal. Media was sure to state this often. I wish the same consideration was given to the millions of law-abiding gun owners every time an evildoer decides to kill with a gun. 

3rd Segment: Comey testifies before Congress. Perjury? Clintons skate of scott-free and are apparently above-the-law. HFS red alert. The vast majority of police officers are good people who only want to protect the public. Painting a picture of tension between police and certain violent inner-city communities. It's understandable to me why some black people fear the police, even if the police are doing their job. 

Final Segment: A few final words about how some kids grow up fearing the police. This isn't the fault of police. It's actually the fault of those committing violent crime in the neighborhood & not following lawful orders from officers.