August 1, 2016

1st Segment: Good to be back from vacation. Had a great time in Virginia Beach & Washington DC with my family. Thank you to the hosts who graciously filled-in for me last week: J-Dot, Ryno, Matt Locke, Gavin Mitchell & Cowboy Logic Radio (Don Neuen & Donna Fiducia). J-Dot engages in hate speech against me? Warning: next offense will result in a temporary ban. Democrat Convention. Tim Kaine. Importance of Virginia. And a single Nebraska electoral vote?  Close election that either Hillary or Trump can win. Defeating Jihad book - get for free on!

2nd Segment: The rigid, unlikeable Clinton-Kaine ticket. The magical style of Obama is long gone as these 2 mechanical goobers try to carry the mantle. Candidates are engaged in winning key swing states that will very likely determine the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Florida. Pennsylvania. Ohio. North Carolina. Virginia. Wisconsin. Colorado. Nevada. Arizona. New Mexico. Do your part to ensure we win this election. 

3rd Segment: The consequences of this election are enormous. Here are 3 incredibly important issues that will be handled much better by Trump than by Hillary: (1) Supreme Court nominations. (2) Fighting Islamic Jihad/Terrorism. (3) Border security. Dealing with a Clinton presidency for 4 years and hoping to defeat her in 2020 with a more conservative candidate is a big mistake because the costs in the interim are absolutely enormous. 

Final Segment: Flag question on Twitter. Why must everything be viewed as a personal attack. I really only wanted to know if there was anything wrong with the flag display - besides the perceived difference in height (which I never ruled out was an optical illusion). If it clearly looks wrong to everyone, why display it that way?