August 5, 2016

Our show notes will be abbreviated for (at least) the short-term future as I will spend my time promoting the show on social media during breaks instead of typing detailed show notes. 

President Obama has finally found some numbers he can hit - and he won't have to revise downward every month. Presidential polls show a tightening race, a small Clinton lead & a blowout. Following the polls every day for next 3 months will cause problems. Some of this is very predictable, yet some is totally unscripted. Any chance Paul Ryan loses primary? I'm sure Hillary will tell us this hostage is mis-remembering events. Hillary's plans will increase taxes $1.3 trillion. Pence questioned by 11-year-old. The State Department just laughs at us now. #BlackLivesMatter movement is being exported to UK. 

A special thanks for those of you who listened to our first LIVE week of broadcasts on Spreaker! Have a great weekend.