September 6, 2016

I'm in DC for ACT Conference & hope to share interesting interviews. Meetings in New York City. Schedule prevents me from broadcasting live on Spreaker as normal until Thursday at our normal time (8am EDT). Hillary's stealing my material. The very real threat of HFS. Robots now taking jobs from government workers. I've got a lot of questions about this. More news about sex robots. Just finished a new audio book that is relevant to this issue: Is God Anti-Gay. Get it free on Audible or Amazon (below). Don't jump to conclusions: read it. Would a robot government worker have made this evacuation order for Long Island? Hillary's out there fielding 'tough' questions. Obama on Kaepernick. Turns out Germany isn't ready to become the Islamic Republic of Germany under Merkel's leadership. The Islamic State claims they have hundreds of jihadis in Europe. Is Russia toying with the US election? Probably. Phyllis Schlafly passes away. Sorry liberals: science tells us conservatives are more sexually satisfied