January 17, 2017

As many as 35 Democrat members of Congress boycotting Trump Inauguration. Congressman John Lewis did same thing in 2001 by boycotting Bush Inauguration. Black leaders worry they won't have a seat at table with Trump Administration while some deliberately remove themselves through this silly boycott. Trump faces criticism for not attending African American museum, instead opting to meet with MLK's son. Optics vs Results. Obama may be blocked from joining private golf club - and local mayor cancels his membership over opposition. The 'tolerant' Left, no doubt fresh off of preaching inclusion, just dropped a pro-life group of women as an official partner of their women's protest march the day after the Trump Inauguration. I hope Liberals don't see this article because it may give them an idea to 'outlaw' their political opposition. But there is a good chance they won't see it because it's in Fox News. Welcome to our new Sales Director, Shane Williams! God bless!