January 24, 2017

President Trump: Day 5. How can the Left deal with this for at least 1,456 more days - and maybe double that? Arrogant media upset Sean Spicer didn't call on them first. Johnathan Karl asks Spicer if he pinky promises he won't lie to them. The Left is freaking out over Trump's 'America first' position. Asking 'why are they protesting?' ignores the strategy of the Left: Obstruct, Impugn & Delegitimize. Post on Medium that focuses on women's protest. Pay inequality. WNBA. Pro-Choice talking points that simply aren't based in reality. Taxing feminine hygiene products. Women must protect themselves from predators. Paid maternity leave. Objections to being objectified while wearing vagina hats & carrying umbrellas that look like breasts.