January 26, 2017

Trump acting quickly & decisively. In postmortem analysis, Democrats apparently believe they need to double-down on hardcore liberalism. Choosing Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi. The superficial Left at it's best. I'm pulling for Sally Boynton Brown to be DNC Chair. Oh - did I see Hillary Clinton may be launching a talk show in preparation for a 2020 run? I sure hope so! Media mad at how Trump won't call on the 'best' journalists. What's wrong with trying to stop the disingenuous media narrative? Trump's claims may lead to investigations into voter fraud. I can almost hear Democrat leaders thinking 'uh-oh' now. A quick review of some of Trump's Executive Orders. It appears to me that these are legitimate Executive Orders designed to help with the execution of congressional legislation. But I'm also not a legal scholar. Let's just make sure we do things properly every step along the way. Have a great day!