January 27, 2017

The Left & the Media are in utter panic mode. A discussion of a CNN hit piece. The strategy of obstruction & chaos - helped by the relentless media narrative. Voter fraud. Is Trump lying about it? Or is he simply wrong? Better yet, what if he's right? The Media who told us Trump was lying about his campaign pledges now tells us he's 'paying back' his voters. Payback looks a lot more like the Clinton Foundation. By the way, why is Clinton Foundation essentially closing it's doors? Flashback: J-Dot Election PSA. Cleaning up the mess in DC requires big actions - like what Trump is doing. Teacher shoots water gun at video of Trump. As one of our listeners pointed out: a gun in the classroom Liberals can support. Californians announce plan to secede. I can hear Trump now: "We're extending our border wall to California, and California is going to pay for it."