Immigration, Islamic Terrorism & the Politics of National Security

Trump's so-called 'Muslim ban' doesn't affect vast majority of Muslims around the world - or their countries. Focuses on countries that are a hotbed for Islamic terrorists. Who 'demonized' these countries on the list?: Islamic jihadi terrorists. A disguise for xenophobia or an attempt to curtail the spread of Islamic terrorism? Trump criticized for signing this executive order, but then criticized for not making it cover other countries like Saudi Arabia. Forgive me for questioning Chuck Schumer's tears when he just said his job was to be an obstructionist. Andrew McCarthy explains why immigration is the president's role - and why he is acting within his constitutional authority. We can debate the policy, but Trump isn't acting unconstitutionally. The silly fear the Left has that we will drive more to terrorism by using certain words or instituting travel bans from terror hot spots. This is much more offensive to average Muslims than the travel ban from clearly dangerous parts of the world. No time to discuss other stories - like the shooting in Canadian mosque (another act of evil) or the US/Mexico issue regarding the wall.