Cam, Iran & Bump Stocks

Cam Newton is dropped by Dannon for his sexist comments. Representative Tim Murphy of PA (R) resigns after admitting to having an affair - and encouraging his mistress to have an abortion when she became pregnant - despite being staunchly pro-life. Power corrupts people - and it's why Trump calls it "The Swamp." Iran Update. Jihadi Joe. Will Trump decertify the Iran Deal? Iran is violating the agreement already, in at least 4 ways. NRA open to review and possible regulations of bump stocks. Second Amendment embodies our God-given right to protect ourselves from anyone. Green Berets killed in West Africa. Having conversations with some liberals who want to talk with me about some issues. Trying to figure out how to pull that into a program that's already short on time. This stemmed from a liberal on Facebook who declined my invitation to explain why he found the death of Christians worldwide funny. By the way, Day 5 of his self-imposed caller-exile. Have a great weekend!